young baker looking for a job

hallo all baker masters:


                            I am from china, i graduated from the homeslgen taff last year, already have Certificate III bakery and diploma of hosptility. now, i am working in a OZ's restaurant. i have one year baker work experience in "bentleigh hot bread"2010--2011 until i put my mid finger into pie machine, i was strat my baker job in 20:00 pm alone until next morning, and packing bread for delivery guys,  can do mix, cut dough, roll, and bake,no very at Calculate, by the way and i was working for breadtop 2months. And, i just get my diploma of mangerment last month.


                           Now, i am looking for sponsorship and a 4years work offer, i am a hardworking and no very stuip people, if you are interest about me and got experience in sponsorship, plz contract me


                           thank you