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I am trying to do whole spelt and whole rye sourdough breads. Since they do not have much gluten, how do we develop the gluten without spoiling the dough?   Should we do the usual stretch and folds?  Or not so often?  and does the dough rise faster and hence needs baking sooner?  What is the best way to shape these breads so they dont collapse before baking?   

They do come out delicious but are more complex to work with.


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Hugo 2013 May 2

My only successes with whole spelt (or spelt over 50% flour weight) involved baking the dough as soon as I get it out of the fridge, in a hot oven with a pizza stone. Any slow heating would allow the spelt to spread and lose shape. Also I store the dough in a shaping bowl (I use a rectangular bread pan but you can use a bannetton or a bowl) and don’t manipulate it at all after putting it in the fridge. Go with very limited slashing on the top center part of your loaf.

Montreal 2013 May 2
You are getting in pretty technical bread baking when you start playing with rye and spelt. The key here is to have a very strong and develop starter. I personnally use Rye as a starter as oppose to spelt due to the higher sugar in the rye. You should use also a very high inoculation of your starter in the overall receipe something between 50 to 80 percent. The best way to do this is to use the Detmolder method to get the best possible balance between the acidic and lactic acid as well as the maximum flavor from your spelt. a 85% hydration is not uncommon either. I personally use Pullman pan to do mine as it is impossible to shape your bread. You also need a dough pocker as you will not slash your dough but rather perforate the surface before baking. A good place to start is to look into www.thefreshloaf.com web site and try to find a 100 % Rye receipe and go from there and make some variation. Jeffery Hamelman published a book called " bread". He has a complete section on this method. Really worth the 40 dollars price tag for his book. Good Luck Dan

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