White+rye starter question


Back again with a question.

I have 2 white + rye starters. One 70% w, 30% r and the other 75% w, 25% r (fed 15 rye, 45 white), 100% hydration both.

Because i will change my home and my country, now the starters are being fed every day, or twice a day, with this procedure: throw most of 'em, and give'em fooooood!.


Ok, hmmm...the growth is just SUPERB! 6 to max 8 hours till peak, and the peak lasts another 6 @ 18-20 deg C.

And now, the question : After about an hour, the starters are producing a lot of gas, and when i open 'em i can really feel the gas, and smell it (not a bad smell at all), but before, there was not as much gas as now. Is that a bad thing?

(thank you, and excuse my English)

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Muff 2010 November 9

But by feeding so frequently you are keeping the starters pretty fresh; they'll stay healthy that way, but if you let them age until the high level of activity subsides I think you'll get a more potent smell. But the gas is because you have a high level of activity, which is what you want.

Still no need to apologize for your English. I can promise you that your English is much, much better than my grasp of any other foreign (to me) language. About the only correction I would make is to suggest that you capitalize the word "English"; at least, that's the custom in English-speaking countries. I grew up with an English teacher for a father and am pretty sensitive to errors, and I am sure you're doing fine.

Good luck,


alexandrut03 2010 November 9

Thank you again Muff... Always you :). I'll consider that you are my sourdough mentor! !


I'm sorry that my picture devices (web cam and the portable one) are broken, because i've made some very beautiful loafs (in my oppinion) with my improvised baking materials! I've even sold some loafs at an high price and the 'clients' loved 'em!


Now I'm experimenting, after about 100 (exaggerating) white breads (1-2-3 formula and french bread, but all white), I've decided that is the time for some experiments!

I've made a dough with spelt... and what a taste! Just loved it!

Ok, a ton of shaping and slashing issues, my fault (and my ovens fault, noth hot enough... max ~ 230 deg C)... but, the taste was great!


I can't wait to change my residence! My new home has a great oven, and a little backyard (where i'll buid my wooden oven!!! YEEEYYYYYYY!). And that country is Romania - Transylvania - ( everyone tries to get out of it, but i'm going in!, because it seems - in villages - 100 years behind! And i've made a lot of friends there). So... I'll be the Italian sourdough (in romanian - maia -) freak! I'll keep Dracula away with my garlic breads!!

Muahhhhh !


Best regards, and... muff, 10x again!

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