Where To Buy Live Cultures

I am familiar with Sourdough.com, but I was wondering if there are other sources for live cultures. Any recommendations?




Hi Kelly,

I can only assume that you mean for sale.

Given that it is so easy to start your own, one would have to wonder why.

One possibility would be to cosy up to your local sourdough bakery and they might be persuaded to give/sell you some.  Otherwise there is the old fallback - internet search.

Good luck with your projects.


Hello Kelly,

Frinam makes a good point. It's easy to make your own starter without too much trouble. The best process i've seen and used myself 2 years ago to make my starter can be found here. The video makes it easy to follow.


They also sell starter at this site.

Actually, the site I referenced is sourdo.com, purveyors of wild caught regional cultures from all over the world. Auto-correct strikes again!  I have to wonder if a culture caught in San Francisco won't become a native Savannah, GA culture over time. 

Hi Smokin,

I think you might be right.