Where to buy Gluten

Gluten is almost impossible to find

It took me a week of solid searching but I found it  Gluten on the Internet.
If you go here:
 and enter the code NEV952 you will get a 5% reduction on your first order. The NOW foods flour product is 70% protein
Sixteen ounces (454 g) is US$3.98

John Ridley


Hi John

Is this an ad?


So many people are looking for Gluten that I thought my research would be of interest.

Silly me. In future I won't bother.

John Ridley

Great, this is fine. Just the promo code made me think this was a robot posting.

I buy the same quantity at our health food store for 1.00 more than you buy in the states.   Gluten is always at the Health food store.  


I bet the 5% off your first order is only for the states, or did you buy it out of country?


Thanks for the notice....

 I was wondering if "Vital Wheat Gluten" was the same thing as "Gluten Flour"? 

I made bagels last weekend and the recipe called for "Gluten Flour". I assumed that "Vital Wheat Gluten" was the same thing, so that is what I used. The protein content is also around 70%, and the bagels came out very well.



Just as they should have, Polo! They are the same thing.

John Ridley

 Now I know for sure :)