What to wear to a pastry/bakers interview?

I am in my late 20's chucking in a career in an office with the hopes of becoming an artisan baker and pastry chef. I have an interview at a great patisserie but no idea what to wear, I have only really ever worked in an office and worn a skirt suit to interviews. The patisserie is actually owned by a hatted chef so I really need to impress..I don't want to look silly :) Should I just wear a suit or is something a bit more casual appropriate? Any ideas guys?


When I had a part in hiring I looked at the overall impression made rather than specifics, and had different expectations for different age groups. So I would say we were fairly flexible.

But my ideal would be somebody who appeared to take a modest pride in their appearance. Professional, but not top shelf, and nothing provocative. Clean, of course. Fingernails and hair under control, and not calling too much attention to themselves. "Sensible" shoes. Perfumes, powders, colognes need a light touch. Cell phone turned off. Be prepared to describe what you have to offer (sincere interest in work, some knowledge of the company to which you are applying and why you can contribute to their goals, that sort of thing). One of my best hires looked fairly casual but was clearly into baking. When I asked him whether he'd ever fried donuts -kind of nasty work to many- he responded, with real enthusiasm "No, but I'd really like to!). He did indeed, and soon proved himself too good to be limited to donuts.

So I would say that "attitude" is key.

Good luck. I hope you get the job and love it.


Thanks muff. All good stuff to know. Geez changing careers is tricky!

Interview clothes. It's not about you. It's about the employer. It's about what they are comfortable with, not what you like to wear. The moment you overdress or under-dress, your chances of getting that job go way down.