What happened to my loaves ?



I don't understand why this happened. I prepared the dough and baked it same as usual.

I didn't score deeply enough to break up the inner layers of the dough but the layers were torn so badly. 


Any helps would be appreciated. 










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Ruralidle 2011 March 12

It looks like you have major bursts there and, if so, that suggests UNDERproofing.  Was the dough proofed at a lower temperature than normal?  Is the yeast old or the leaven not active enough?  Give us a bit more clue of your recipe and processes and we can - hopefully - be more helpful.

molifemo 2011 March 12

Thank you for your helps, Ruralidle and HVHB.

I have been thinking that my starter looks a little bit less active but I had no idea this is related to the bad bursting.

I will give more attention on the starter and try again.


Yes, I have changed to the flour which has less protein .

Yesterday I ordered previous flour.  


And how about hydration ?  My normal recipe was 400g of flour, 150g of starter ( 100% hydration ), 240g of water .

This time, I cut down the water to 220g to make a little stiffer dough for better shaping work.   

Did less water influence fermentation process resulting in under proof ? ( I did give the dough same proofing time, 2 hours. )




Ruralidle 2011 March 13

Generally, if I recall correctly, the lower the hydration the longer proofing takes. Your initial hydration works out at 66.3% and after your revision is 62.1%.  At that level you could have slowed proofing noticeably.  I rarely use less than 65% hydration.

TedinOz 2011 April 14

 I have to agree with Ruralidle about too low an hydration. I have seen this often before and although underproofing does cause bursting as suggested, it also causes shape distortion and irregular bursting. Your loaves seem to have a good symetrical shape however and the bursting shown suggests too tight a dough. I too wouldn't use less than 65%, often as high as 75% with excellent results as long as the dough is adequately developed.

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