Unleavened streaks?

Unleavened streaks?Unleavened streaks?

I've had some streaks in my bread recently. The dough on either side seems properly baked, but the streaks themselves are dense with no sign of yeast activity. Is there an obvious explanation - kneading or mixing perhaps?


This could be overproofed bread. Or your load has landed a bit hard on the pizza stone. Or your flour is too rich in starch. I’ve seen that on some of my earlier breads, don’t know why it happened.

Please post a picture of the top of your bread; slashing and all. Thanks.

Still had the last 3 inches left. And now it's soup time...

The streaks could be caused by a thick layer of flour on the surface of your dough when you folded it. Your bread looks gorgeous with a very nice surface color, but I have noticed the peculiar shape. Did you proof it in a round bowl or a colander, then fold it one last time prior to baking?


Assuming the dough was well mixed it could be a moulding or stretch and fold issue if a small part of the dough had the gas forced out of it.


It may also be slightly under baked and as you cut it the structure collapses.


(or you cut it warm)


The crust on the bottom seems pale.

Thank you both for your suggestions. I will be careful with the flour on the next batch, and check I'm not too rough in the folding.

Hugo: Thanks for the compliment. I let it prove without any container, just on baking parchment. The shape comes from the folding method I used - fold one edge into the middle, then the other, turn 90 degrees and flatten, repeat folds and turn, then fold one edge in then keep rolling it up. 

Petanque: I think the pale crust on the bottom is more the camera than the crust, but it is all eaten so I cannot check!

Hello MkII,

I wonder how much flour you use on your bench when working the dough.  perhaps you have picked up a thickish layer of dry flour from the bench and this has been folded in during shaping the loaf and stayed as a separate, unmixed, unleavened patch.

Just a thought.