I have been baking with a starter that was supposedly started 50 years ago for about 4 years now. It rises the dough just like the yeast I previously used - about 1-2 hours too double for first rise. My question is regarding taste. It does not have any except for a slight sourness. I only store a half cup of starter in frig. I usually feed it about two times after taking it out of the frig - one part starter 1 part water - twice. I only bake once every week so I also usually use a 12 hour sponge. Should the taste be more distinctive? Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated


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matthew 2007 September 28


When you feed it do you use flour? Your post implies that you only add water for your two feeds.

Regarding taste, to a certain extent it depends what you're after. Some people prefer a quite noticeably sour taste and utilise methods designed to increase acid and draw out the sour. Others (like myself) prefer a milder taste and utilise techniques designed to favour this.

What kind of taste are you expecting (or hoping for)?


jackew 2007 September 28

I am used to the sourdough rolls that the local restaurants have. They have a very distinctive strong non sour taste. I realize this may be additive induced and not true sd. I activate the starter with ¼ cup starter, ¼ cup flour, ¼ cup water every 6 hours until I have what I need. Then I make a sponge with 1 cup starter and ¾ cup water and two cups bread flour and let it ferment over night. I get very good results and a very good rise, but was wondering about how strong and distinctive the taste should be.

matthew 2007 October 8


Have you tried blending a little wholemeal flour in? Personally I like the taste that this gives the loaf. But taste is a very subjective thing and everyone's sourdough is going to be a bit different.


jackew 2007 October 10

Thank for all the great input. From reading other threads it does appear some starter take 6 to 8 hour to rise their bread. Mine takes 1 to 3 hours. That is after a 12 hour sponge. Perhaps if I slowed process down that would allow more time to build flavor. I normally do not add salt until later in process. Adding it earlier would slow the process. I also use well water which does not have any chemicals that would slow process. It appear my problem, if I have any, may be more in technique then in the starter.

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