BBQ Sourdough

Had some success making sourdough in my ceramic BBQ. Here is a link to a pic: ... official_s

The BBQ can be found at and I use a # 7.


Welcome, quiruzheng. Can't see the pix when I clicked on the link, I'm afraid.


Also my first attempt at adding olives. Tried adding a handful during the last fold and stretch. I used a basic white recipe I found on this site.

That's beautiful! And you baked it in a bbq? For how long?

Yep, baked in a BBQ. Actually it's made of ceramic (2 inches thick) so kind of like a big pot. It took about 40 minutes to bake. I'm planning on doing this again this weekend and I'll take more photos.

Here is a link to photo's from a couple of bakes...

Wow that’s amazing. That is also quite the nice ceramic barbeque. Does it use charcoal or gas, and does the bread taste any different from a normal oven baked loaf? I may have to try this myself.

I bought the BBQ with the hope that I could use it as a pizza/bread oven, a pit for low and slow and for grilling. So far I've had pretty good success with most things. I bake bread and pizza on the upper rack near the dome to try to simulate a wood fired clay oven.

The model I purchased does not use gas, though they do make one. I've been using compressed carbonized coconut. Here is a link to the website of the vendor who makes the BBQ and the charcoal:

Bread baked in the BBQ has a subtle smokey flavor when compared to an oven. I have not used wood for bread or pizza though that's next on the list of things to do.