Where to buy gluten in Melbourne?

Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find good bread flour that has a protein content over 11% (looked for Laucke, cant find anything except bread machine mixes) so I was thinking of just getting some gluten and adding it to my flour to create stronger bread flours. Any idea where I can buy some? I googled it and all I can find is page after page of 'Gluten Free' stuff!
Thanks, and hi all





For bread flour in Melbourne, try

Marge and Marees



Simply no Knead (???)


They both seem to carry high protein bread flour

If you are in Brisbane or Sydney


Happy baking


i've also heard that Loafers (artisan bakers in the city-ish area) can sell you flour. I don't know if its true or not.(i assume they'd just be selling you the same stuff they use).

If you look around a number of supermarkets you may be able to find Lauke. I wasn't able to for a while but now a Coles near me (Caulfield Plaza, in case thats a help!) has some. I reckon if you asked at your local they'd be happy to get some in for you.

When I was still in Melbourne Bakery suppliers supplies wheat gluten to the bakeries....you should check the yellow pages for such information.....