Perth - where to buy good quality flour?


I would be grateful if anyone knows where to buy good flour in Perth, preferably in the western suburbs. I have recently moved to Perth from overseas and can't find anything in the shops other than cake flour and "bread machine mix", whatever that is. Stone ground flour would be lovely, but strong bread flour is all I need to get started.

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rbd 2007 June 29

Hello Mark,

There's a crowd called All about Bread, another one called You can Bake It.
Both have outlets throughout Perth (so I understand), and I'm sure they can help you with bakers flour.

Happy baking


Cheryl 2007 October 5

This is my first post - I registered ages ago, and haven't got back here. I live in Perth too, and I've been able to buy organic white and organic wholemeal flour from All About Bread or their other outlets.
Another great alternative is Edenvale's biodynamic flours. The flour is grown in southwest WA (in Dumbleyung, heart of the Wheatbelt). The flour is a bit tricky to find in affordable amounts (often in 'gourmet' outlets in 1kg packages. However, big sacks are available at Loose Produce in Como. Loose Produce sell all kinds of produce in bulk and they're worth a visit.
Coles sells Laucke bread flour in some Perth supermarkets.
Sorry for the late reply, but hope that helps!

rossnroller 2009 August 7

I'm getting my flours from Organic-On-Charles (Charles St, North Perth). They have quite a few varieties of good quality organic flours available in bulk. You can take your own container, or  dispense what you want from bulk containers into their brown paper bags. Reasonable prices for organic produce, also.

whyteman 2010 October 11

There is no such thing in my book as good quality flour. It is a bit like saying what is a good quality soft drink? Flour is acidic, and too much of it may be a major problem, along with excessive amounts of other acid foods that people love.

rossnroller 2010 October 11

Too much of anything may be a problem. Moderate amounts of good quality bread are nutritious, not to mention delicious, and therefore are healthy and add to the quality of life. And to get good quality bread, you need good quality flour! Is there such a thing? Any baker of quality artisan breads knows there most surely is! But you don't need to be a baker - the proof is in the eating! 

Tarnia 2015 September 6

Elite Foods in Malaga has a huge range of flours, strong, maxium, victory etc - I know they sell wholesale to bakers - but you can buy from them direct as they are welcome public. They are in Malaga, not quite western suburbs I know, but thought it worth the shot though. They have a webiste and on facebook... if your interested!

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