Forum Update

Greetings fellow forum goers

The board has been upgraded to the latest and greatest (phpBB3). Please let me know your thoughts.



Graham, torturing me, no videos!
I used to work in the film department in a library when I was a kid, splicing and all! Can't wait to see the footage! What a bunch of Oz hero bakers you had at Milawa! (envy written on my face!)


[quote="bianchifan"]Nina tells same as me, but a little bit mor political correct


Yes, leave it to me to be the diplomat


Your angryhungry monkeys made me giggle though...


I can't even remember what it used to lok like... I'm so old and senile >_<
I think it looks good, except for the yellow highlighting thing. And the color of the title banner is a bit off and not very easy on the eyes.
Oh and I just noticed today how I can see in the thread if a person is online, how cool is that?!

I'm glad you like it nina. I'll fix a few things soon such as the highlighting and the banner, then later give it a whole shiny new look.



First of all, very good work, well done!
I was only very surprised, because I didn't conquer the forum since beginning of April


[quote="Nina"]And the color of the title banner is a bit off and not very easy on the eyes.[/quote]
Nina tells same as me, but a little bit mor political correct


Don't worry. I don't take it personally. I have more respect for someone when there completely honest, even if it's in the form of quotes.

*Fixed your avatar*



Maedi, please don't take it personally!
Keep time, good work will need it.

I've only quoted someone, perhaps he likes it.

I love your honesty bianchifan. And I'm working on the fix.

[quote="Jeremy"]Looking good old man![/quote]




Do you all really liki it?


It bites my eyes like some angryhungry monkeys..


I think I'll need some color filter


btw..what's mattered to my cute avatar..its awful


Looking good old man!

Keep up the good work, videos!


TP the 'new post icons' are still there but there very faint, changing from a blue to a unnoticeable red. Soon when I have some time, I'll make a few changes to the forum. It will be looking fine in no time.


I have to say that the previous version was much easier to read and use. I could tell at a glance when there was a new post.

Bill, is this mainly due to the new post buttons? I'll change them if you'd like.


Hmm....the previous version is indeed more friendly. The plus point about this version is the colour


which is very pleasant and fresh.

I agree TP, but we couldn't of stayed on our previous version as it was beta and there was no support for it. If you don't mind, dot point your negatives of this board, and I'll try and fix them.


Aww...what a shame. A couple of negatives...

1. I'd prefer not to have my cursor highlight cells as it scrolls...that can be kinda distracting.

2. Is there a feature which highlights the latest posts which we have not read? At the moment, I look at the dates for a rough guide.


MADE I i just visited this forum today and I was disgusted.

Aside from smaller text Frankly IMO its crappy.


Its predecessor is far better
Why change the better format with this new lousy one?
Anyway who gives a damn about an avatar?s location...
As for me,Never had one for ages ....

Hope you can improve it as I improved you name as it does not make sense. to me..far better to call you I MADE or MADE -i


So high tech Maedi just a bit on the eye's though!


Yes, this look's a bit ugly. I'll give it a more modest look in the near future.

right avatars..strange and unfamiliar


I can't see all smiley's icons f.e.