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I am a complete newbie in sourdough baking. I have heard so much about it and after a few bouts of soft, fluffy bread that Malaysians like, I am ready to try my hand at making artisanal & sourdough breads.

I am wondering what flours I can use for a starter that are readily available in Malaysia. As TP has lamented, the variety of flours is really lamentable.


p/s TP, I came to this board through your website. I always love looking at your handiwork & have been going to your site ever since we met during the Jo's Deli gathering at your place.


Hi TP,

Thanks for the welcome. I have always love bread, both eating or making it. I can have bread for all three meals every day. Most of the time my bread turns out better than my cakes. I know I will definitely enjoy my foray into sourdough. I have been reading up on Dom's tutorials.

I will check with my 'driver' whether we are free to pick up the starter from you. I will email you later.

Welcome, Alannia! What a pleasant surprise! Be prepared to enter a very different and exciting bread world.

Are you going to make your starter from scratch? I didn't. My starter was sent from the UK...and I've been maintaining it for 2 yrs. If you want some, just give me a tinkle and pop by. I use organic unbleached flour (any brand will do)...because any other flour in Malaysia is bleached....bleeccchhh!

Have fun!

P/S Read every post and Section in this forum. Really invaluable help.