ISO Sprouted Grain Breads

There's this bread company here (7th Adventist) which is famous for their sprouted grains bread. Friends have been asking if I did them. I googled for a recipe or 2, and I see that the grains have to be soaked and sprouted just the length of the grain. I'm not too sure what goes on after that. These sprouted grains are then pulverised and mixed into a dough?

I would appreciate some pointers. Thanks.


Wow your right!
I have been working like 14 hours today a little wasted!


Check it out it's in the mail! Also it needs 9 day's for sprouting the grain!


Got it! Tks! Not 9 days I'm sure, I thought I saw 3-4 days. Besides, I took around 2 days to sprout my barley last year for the malt.

Thanks! No great rush...don't need it for another 2 weeks.

Nope they are put into the dough and baked will send recipe or check out Dean BrettScheiders book, he has a recipe from Fruition in Oz!


Jeremy, do you mind PM'ing me the recipe? Me no book. Tks!

when I get home I will,at work now so you will get it tomorrow!