thermometer for proving box.

Gday Peeps,

Making myself a proving box and I am having problems getting an accurate thermometer in the correct temperature ranges. Can anyone give me advice about what type of thermometer to ask for and where to look for it?.




Hi Tony,

Any thermometer will do really

As long as it is accurate between 10-50 C. Your local hardware store should have them (look for beer brewing ones)

I use a neat meat thermometer, that I can stick through my polystyrene proof box, so I can instantly see what the temp inside the box is, without lifting the lid. You can stick it into developing dough, or an (almost) baked loaf to figure the temp.

And of course, since aqcuiring this little gizmo, our roasts have turned our perfect ALL the time!

Happy Baking


I've had good luck using a removable stick-on aquarium thermometer like the one here. It only cost about $3 and can be used in or out of your proofing box.