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Happy Birthday, MAEDI! | Sourdough Companion

Happy Birthday, MAEDI!

I wish I've done a trombone cake before, then I'll 'borrow' it to dedicate it to you. Anyone baking today? Slash the bread with an 'M' for Maedi, our Guy of the Day!

Very Happy

[size=9]Tks, little bird, for the heads-up.[/size]


happy bday Maedi


Bake Me !

And who doesn't love the sound of a melodic fart? At the moment I'm doing a wee bit of Guitar. Are you able to make those Tin Whistles yourself?


Thanks folks. What's wrong with the Trombone?

Dunno, not enough solos! Or it sounds like a fart machine!


Ditto dude! Enjoy it now while you can,the successive ones come fast and well you can look back, you just cnat go back!

Cheers mate and well I don't know about trombone, what about Harmonica?