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The Baguette Bake-off | Sourdough Companion

The Baguette Bake-off

Why not lets do a contest!

  • 350g size or 60 g petite bags
  • 270 flour (type 55 if you got it)
  • 45 grams corn flour (fine mill)
  • 2gram yeast (optional if you think your levain is forte!)
  • 5grams salt
  • 40 pre-fermented dough or if you like adjust this mess to a levain baguette, we retarded the shaped breads over night 12 hours!

happy baking if your sad, well get to the oven and jump in!


Not much time to write

Dan Lepard's white leaven formula using plain flour


one loaf behaved (but the grignes are almost rictal). the other cracked


crumb pics when I attack bread in the morning


Nice! Guess I have to catch up, exhausted but will enter the ring again! Nina!
You can do it, how about Maedi?


Not yet thanks Jeremy.


Hey Maedi!
what about Dad?


Either I'm very hungry or it's actually not bad at all...can't stop munching. Nice crust. Moist, soft crumb. Tasty.


Will go for Attempt #4 next week.



Thanks, Dom. Yes, I have THL and has seen the instructions before. I was always sure that it sounded easier than the actual task. Will give it a go soon as I can find some unhulled barley....good idea to make half a year's supply at one go.

Attempt #3: Today, I followed Jeremy's formula (on pg 5) except I used all plain flour (11.8% protein), and a pinch of instant yeast, because I think I missed my starter's peak by quite a bit. Left it for more than 12 hours. Looks better than the other 2 prior attempts. However, I had exactly the same cracks as Dom's at the bottom.



Crumb pix in half an hour.



the ground malt that I use is home made a la Dan Lepard. Instructions in the handmade loaf, but essentially you sprout some unhulled barley over a couple of days, then dry in a very low oven before grinding to a powder. I do it about once every six months.

I am deliberately making half quantities of bread at the moment, so that I can justify continuing to bake. I am only able to do this much baking because I am at home with the family for a week or two. Hopefully more baguettes this afternoon. (No grissini today)


Hi Carla,

[code]just a quick question here:
Is "spelt" what Germans call "Dinkel"??[/code]
Yup, that's what I understand it to be. We have a european bakery here that label "Dinkel" as "Spelt" too...


Only other comment is your slashes are quite unconventional for a baguette. Germanic-style?



No - I don't think these slashes are Germanic


I had no idea how to slash this at all - it was my first attempt at baguette - was baked about 6 months ago (this was actually the "noodle soup" bianchifan referred to in another thread).

It was supposed to be a pre-ferment and I was going to make the dough the next morning.
As it turned out that I had no time to bake all day, I decided to just bake the pre-ferment as baguettes for dinner and fry some steaks and make a quick salad, as I was running out of energy to cook properly.

And this was the result, convinving me that you can bake a pre-ferment. You just rename it "retarded dough" and you are right


It tastes rough and much too sour although I took a spelty starter.

Just a quick question here:
Is "spelt" what Germans call "Dinkel"??

At last!



I drink Fosters Light ice Beer I think it's pretty good..


Certianly some good looking breads here love a good bagette with tomatoe and cheese.

Very Happy

Don't just look...bake!

Dom...your baguettes look good enough...but those next to it are what I'd aim for too. Hmm...if you can find time to make more baguettes, so shall I. Will go refresh some starter. Can't find ground malt here though. OK, OK, no more playing with cake and rice flour. I'm going to be real serious this time.

Hi Dom!
All that time on your hands good show! Have to try to entice more folks to partake in the baguette contest!
Looking good Dom, gonna give a go at some this weekend, if the wife lets me!
Did you use tins? I've had that split too sometimes happens when your not checking the seam is down or also underproofing? You could get wilkonson blades and fix a metal stick into it so the blade would bend a bit or get a "Sweeny Todd" from Bill!


Guy's Bill Carol, I didn't know that you were going to trod on me toes!
The bitters is decent I think? Let me tell you though 3 years in Southern Germany trained me for good or the best beer!
New forum page, beer! And liquids!


Here are today's baguettes


This was Dan Lepard's white leaven formula adjusted to my starter which is 100% hydration rather than 80%

So for 2 baguettes

100g starter (40%)
153g water (61%)
5g ground malt (2%)
250g flour (100%)(Kialla unbleached white 11.8g protein)
5g salt (2%)

~68% hydration

Slashes are a bit better, though my stanley knife is nearing the end of its lameness

The baguettes still split at the base which is a bit disappointing (any suggestions?)




the texture is pleasantly open - similar to my experience with the white leaven loaves

for interest, the skinny little loaves next to the cut baguette are some sourdough wholemeal grissini that I also made this morning. Now the texture of them is getting close to what I was after with the baguette, so perhaps I will try that recipe and make some baguettes with it.
(The original recipe uses lard - which I don't believe in, so substituted vegetable shortening. Not sure if I should perhaps have softened or melted it, but the dough ended up with little 'copha' lumps. Not discernible in the bread though. What would others have done?)



(thanks for your vote of confidence TP. Mostly it has to do with planning ahead)

If I have time I will try the DL formula again tomorrow with some plain flour (10.8g protein), and see if there is any detectable difference.


[color=darkred]One day[/color] I'll have second try.

Make that one day TODAY!


or...weekend's approaching...

OK...that settles it. Oz Fest will be within the vicinity of the said uncle's shed.

Bill, we are lucky as my hubby's uncle over at Rathmines has a 'beer shed' and makes fine, fine homebrew. Now I know that people say unkind things about homebrew and other people's farts ... but Parko's homebrew really is fabulous. He approaches it like some of you very fine sourdough bakers approach your bread ... all measured and timed and very specific.

And it is very good!


..where is the rest of the gang? Bill? Carol? Markus?
hey you people, are you crazy?
Staying in France, I love to eat real fine baguette, but here at home I prefer all kinds of "Schwarzbrot"

Very Happy


In honesty, I tried to bake baguettes only one time, in march this year, after making malt by maself cause my supermarket doesn't wanna offer further more

Crying or Very sad

T65 is available for me, but only in quite tiny paper bags a' 25 kg at about 50 Eur


, so I baked it from spelt with 10% dark rye flour and some wholewheat.
It tastes rough and much too sour although I took a spelty starter.
It don't know what it was, perhaps a [url=http://de.geocities.com/bian_chi_fan/PICT1216.JPG]plumbutteredpumking[/url] or anything else but never, absolutly never any kind of baguette.

One day I'll have second try.

Funny thing about Fosters beers.

Whilst it might be Australian, no self-respecting Aussie would drink it!

But hey, if you like it, go right ahead and I'll buy some shares!


You took the words out of my mouth Carol, I only refrained from posting so as not to upset Jeremy.


Funny thing about Fosters beers.

Whilst it might be Australian, no self-respecting Aussie would drink it!

But hey, if you like it, go right ahead and I'll buy some shares!


Well you could always say something rude about my attempt at fame.
I think the pics are on page 2 ??

These are 100% wholemeal freshly milled durum baguettes - free range - ahem - free baked - no such thing as a stainless or otherwise half-round helpful tin...

Pix are on Page One.

Very Happy

Looks like a yummy bread, Carla. Only other comment is your slashes are quite unconventional for a baguette. Germanic-style?


Understood, I was just toping off my fosters Bitter, listening to music and well you had me off balance there!


Ta, will look for some decadent recettes for you, actually I found them but will post them in my site first, gotta ge tfamous some how!




The word was 'eat' .

It was supposed to say, "but I'm enjoying imagining what I could EAT all your baguettes with!

Stressed mother, can't you tell?



But I'm enjoying imagining what I could all your baguettes with!

Say again?

See you in OZ everyone!



You want me to make BAGUETTES???

With my son's birthday party on Saturday, I am busy making chocolate crackles and the like!!!

(Good lord, what will they want next!?!?!?)


But I'm enjoying imagining what I could all your baguettes with!


Dom...you making those baguettes is a fine example that making sourdough breads does and can fit into a busy schedule. Kudos to you for feeding your family well and keeping a semblance of normality during such a period of adjustment. The boys look like they are going to be very protective big brothers.

Graham frolicking around like Sweeney Todd with those scary things!

Ok, well that leaves not to many candidates for baguettes!

Ok who's next!


Ok Dom, interesting, where is the rest of the gang? Bill? Carol? Markus?
Busy doing another batch of lames for Graham. Earning the bread to make the bread.


Ok Dom, interesting, where is the rest of the gang? Bill? Carol? Markus?

levain 350 35%
flour 650 65%
flour 350 35%

water 625 63%
salt 20 2%
yeast 5 1% (optional)

Total flour 1000 100%

Another recipe!

In an effort to widen the field a little here is this morning's attempt


now you may ask the formula that I used...
well I am a bit vague here
it started out as a grissini dough, but then I added too much water, and along the way I may have got a bit confused when I was trying to adjust quantities. So here is what I think that it contained

56% starter (100% hydration)
69% water
2% ground barley malt
100% white strong flour
2% salt
6% olive oil

The dough was too wet to make grissini, so I thought that I would see how it went for baguettes.
I mixed, let rest in the fridge for 12 hours, shaped, and put in the fridge in the baguette tins for another 12 hours or so, then baked from cold.
The slashes are ugly - partly because the dough was moist and the knife just dragged instead of cutting the dough. Also because the dough was in the mould it was hard to make a definitive cut. The loaves split along the side (I think because of not enough slash)

verdict - not all bad. Taste was good, and the baguettes were demolished by mid afternoon. texture not as open as I would like

I am going to try using Dan Lepard's white leaven formula tomorrow


Yup, it was shot 2 hours ago. Family is finishing the last of it for dinner. Finicky children are saying it's much better than the first attempt.

T65? Not available. If it's a soft flour, can I use cake flour instead?

What about an all purpose flour? Like only 11% protein!
cake may work, never tried that?

J bon appetit!

Think I'd better use AP. Look what happened to the one I used cake flour in. Ugh.




.. I used cake flour in. Ugh.
T65 is french breadfloar, in firstclass baguettes T65 is used plus 5% rye flour, no wholemeal, a very light one, it vary about T80.
Try using white bread flour, dont know the sorts available in Malaysia.

Hmmmm, where are the other contestants?
Interesting TP, was that a day shot? The look is real rustic!

Try this if you have a second?

levain 96g 35%
t65 148 49%
ap flour 148g 49%
wheat germ 3g 1%
water 173g 58%
salt 7g 2%
yeast 0%(if your levain is slow.5%)


What I got today is not the ultimate typical french baguette. But I think I'm quite close to getting a good vietnamese baguette, with very light crumb and extraordinarily thin and crispy crust. Not bad at all.

Recipe (roughly)

1.5 C rice flour
1.5 C plain flour
1 C starter (100% hydration)
1 t salt
1T sugar
2T melted butter
1 C water


Hot from the oven. Cracks due to imperfect slashing.


Crossing my fingers.

After that flop, I'm back at the kneading table....bulk fermenting now. No definite formula....everything by hand feel.


Crumb pix. It was cut last night but the pic taken this morning...so it appears a bit shrivelled.


Your bag's crumb look good, Jeremy. Looks as if 'hands only' work well.

Yeah they got me in to trouble, but right now there deep into fish and all sorts of food things!
give it another go and will exchange notes and methods?




This is the third time [url=http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=73591&st=36]this recipe[/url] is appearing in this thread.

Rice flour? jeez, well have to send a flour care package soon!
Just sent one to Dan Lepard!(so proud!)

still looks biteable!

24 sounds too long, more or less I understand 12-15 should be the limit?
Correct me and my big mout someone?

whos recipe?


Strong assertive, how did they smell, taste?

want a bite! Slathered with butter and a piece of jambon or terrine de canard aux's abricot!

mmmmmJeremy delicieux!