Hullo, Bill?

Have you had your carpal tunnel op yet? Do fill us in.


Yes condolences from this side of the queensland border too

Oh lousy news from you both!

I do hope that the rest of the year holds only good news and happy bakes!


thanks for me and Bill!


Sending condolences too from Msia, to Bill and Jeremy......

Your too nice TP! Thanks from me and Bill!


Sorry folks, I've been a bit busy on the home front with a very sick Mother in law, unfortunatly she passed away yesterday at 3.15AM.

Condolences my friend, we missed you! My Uncle just past last weekend, 90 yrs old!
Hope to see you back soon!


Sorry to hear about your recent losses Jeremy and Bill.
Condolences to both of you.

BTW, SOS!!! There's a beautiful but very dead bird (looks like a cockatoo?) in my garden....with its eyes opened. Cat's not in town. What should I do? I'm squeamish when it comes to dead non-kitchen table animals. Baker, my dog looks very guilty..didn't eat his supper.

Give it a good home in your oven of course.


I'm not sure what to do in these times either TP.

Maedi, I may be chinese but my taste is not that exotic when it comes to baked fowls.

Cockatoo, that is exotic! Careful for bird flu! Gosh, put on some gloves or call a neighbor?
Bill u ok? All quiet on the Gorokan front!


Big sigh of relief! Neighbor helped me remove the bird...and used it for his plants.