Hi there,

Whats the story behind the broken bike in your avatar?


Nice bike, shame to see it all busted up like that. Did the Noble driver do the noble thing and replace the bike?

I have a Gios Compact Pro

Very Happy

Hi folks,
what do you wonna know?

It's crashed, a noble sportscar thwarted me. BUMS.
It was my first pedigreed racing bike..for a long time.
When I used my synonym "Bianchifan" first time Iregistered at a highly frequented GPS-Forum. There were so many motorists, so many, I just feeled me driven to mirror them.
I retained and added running picture later, for [img][/img] Pöt

Thanks for asking that forno, I've been meaning (as a person who can appreciate a nice bike) to ask myself for days.