Starter Paranoia

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'fess up! How many jars of starters do you keep in your fridge or elsewhere? I have 3 white starters and 2 rye. In my mind, I'm so afraid something may happen to them and their 'line' will be broken.

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Bill44 2006 September 1

Six, but they are all different starters.

However I must confess to having a backup dried batch of each of them.

Croc 2006 September 1

i'm in proccess of making few new starters to find perfection just wondering how big difference in final bake you all get from starter to starter? like TP with 3 white starters, does the breads with those 3 are very different from each other?

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TeckPoh 2006 September 1

LOL, I had a feeling that Bill would come up among the top hoarders. Gosh...6 DIFFERENT types with back-ups.

My 3 and 2 are the same...just different generations. I think I should label them but I just reach for the hoochiest of them all to use.

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bianchifan 2006 September 2

'fess up! .. fridge..
What is it? ..I think it's a good place for proving a well done pizza dough

or elsewhere?
Ah.... two, powdered both.... one rhy wholemeal, one mix any wheat/spelt

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