Starter Paranoia

'fess up! How many jars of starters do you keep in your fridge or elsewhere? I have 3 white starters and 2 rye. In my mind, I'm so afraid something may happen to them and their 'line' will be broken.


'fess up! .. fridge..
What is it? ..I think it's a good place for proving a well done pizza dough

Very Happy

or elsewhere?


two, powdered both.... one rhy wholemeal, one mix any wheat/spelt

I just have three, Bills strain my own and a rye!


LOL, I had a feeling that Bill would come up among the top hoarders. Gosh...6 DIFFERENT types with back-ups.


My 3 and 2 are the same...just different generations. I think I should label them but I just reach for the hoochiest of them all to use.

i'm in proccess of making few new starters to find perfection just wondering how big difference in final bake you all get from starter to starter? like TP with 3 white starters, does the breads with those 3 are very different from each other?

Bake Me !

Six, but they are all different starters.


However I must confess to having a backup dried batch of each of them.