Sourdough Buns -ideas please

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I've been making buns.

Seeded party buns filled with lotus paste

Chocolate chip hazelnut rye/wholemeal

Cinnamon Raisins wholemeal

I'm thinking that instead of bread (as in tinned or shaped), I'd sell buns instead. I see buns disappearing faster than bread in this household.

I think I'll make some pumpkin sunflower seed ones next. Any more ideas?

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matthew 2006 August 12

Traditional Easter activity at our house is gather a group of our kids friends, mixed spice, dried fruit, flour, yeast etc. Apply a lot of elbow grease (from me and the kids). Then somehow out of a cloud of flour and a crowd of kids appears 200+ hot cross buns. A significantly smaller number make it past afternoon tea (it's amazing how many buns a bunch of kids and adult hangers on can eat) and these get split between the families represented on the day. So putting the whole experience together with the taste of the actual product, and hot cross buns are definitely my favourite bun.


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TeckPoh 2006 August 12

Ooh..yes! Hot Cross Buns...yummy!

Here's a bit of the story behind my little venture. I've been approached by an organic food outlet in my area to supply them with organic bread. I thought I might as well up the notch to sourdough breads, or rather, buns as I see it will be better received. People don't like to think too much...(value-added) buns are good food on the go, no need to think what to eat it with.

While the ideas are rolling for buns, I would also appreciate very much suggestions for a name, and short catch-phrases. TIA!

matthew 2006 August 12

TP, how about something along the lines of the Fig, Almond and Aniseed Loaf (Puppettes he calls them) in the recipies [url=]here[/url]. Small mini loaves, yeast based, but the flavours might translate nicely into sourdough.

Catchy phrases?

"Little blessings to go"


TP's Natural Bread ???? Pretty boring I'm afraid.


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TeckPoh 2006 August 12

Many thanks, Matthew. That NZ Baker site is fantastic!

I like the sound of "Puppettes" (little blessings to go) for a name. You reckon that's copyrighted?

Keep 'em coming!

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carla 2006 August 14

Googling puppettes, I come across a darker meaning to it. Oh well. Bunettes? How does it sound?

Darker meaning?? Now you got me interested. So I googeld too - and found nothing interestingly dark


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TeckPoh 2006 August 14

Hmm...on closer look..not really dark...more in the superstitious realm.

In Henry VIII's time quaint little images made from Bryony roots, cut into the figure of a man, with grains of millet inserted into the face as eyes, fetched high prices. They were known as puppettes or mammettes, and were accredited with magical powers.

Broetchen. Cute. What does it exactly translate into?

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Bill44 2006 August 14

Thanks, Bill (and google). So how does one pronounce it? Brootchen?
No speaka da lingo.

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carla 2006 August 15

Broetchen. Cute. What does it exactly translate into?

Brot = bread
Broetchen = little breads

"chen" means it is a small version

So yes you could call it a "roll".
However "rolls" are soft on the outside, while Broetchen have a nice crust like a bread. When you bite into them they crunch. As opposed to the hamburger buns...

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bianchifan 2006 August 16

Plural for Broetchen(Brötchen) is Broetchen, too.
Broetchens ist genetive, singular ...
Pronunciation is quite difficult because of the "ö" and the "ch".

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carla 2006 August 16

Thanks bianchifan for bringing the right "ö" into this forum!
Brötchen is the exact spelling.

And yes it is singular and plural. Like sheep!

Once you have baked enough of these lotus buns you can also make a [url=,2106,3763792a4560,00.html][b]nice competition[/b][/url] to drum up interest.

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