The Oven

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Well it finally arrived and was installed this morning.


Top oven.

Bottom oven. That's a fan filter at the back, not a light.


This is the ceramic stone that came with it (as well as a peel) 420mm x 350mm x 15mm thick (16 3/4" x 14" x 5/8 thick).

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TeckPoh 2006 August 11

Oh yeah! Can't wait to see you firing it up and christening it with some of your 'usual' bread.

So, the bottom is also a conventional oven, not a microwave? Interesting....meaning you can use it for smaller and less bakes. Nifty.

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Bill44 2006 September 3

Bloody marvelous, will you try some recepte I sent you?Jeremy
Have tried, very nice, will do again and post pics.

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Bill44 2006 September 3

bill if is not too much trouble i would love to see pictures of door hinges on your oven.
Dare I ask why?


Croc 2006 September 3

thanks bill
i'm asked because i'm looking for new oven and i noticed that many ovens use same hinges as one i got which is what i call CRAP
your oven got different hinges, thanks god.
also wondering if they adjustable?

btw tip for everyone when you working on some really really small and its a spring for hand watch make sure you workin on huge bench with no junk on or chances are that if it flys you will never find it.

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TeckPoh 2006 September 3

Would you like to show your hinges, we can see what's not to like about it?

Tks for the tip. Or work on a bed with a light-coloured bedsheet.

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