Unslashed Rye.

Remembering the unslashed Latvian rye loaves of my youth I decided not to slash these three. I upped the hydration a bit to give them a bit more skin flexibility and apart from the odd lump here and there I'm pleased with the way they handled the spring. Too hot to cut so there are no crumb pics.

These loaves will be the last baked in my old oven.



If these were my loaves Croc - then you would [b]only[/b] see crumbs by now for sure!

My mouth waters Bill!

Very nice loaves. How much rye is is in them?

Carla, these loaves are 1/3 rye including the starter. This is the recipe I posted in the "Recipes" section, the only change is that I have gone from 64%hyd to 66%hyd.

nice one bill
would love to see crumb pics if possible

Bake Me !