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Im beaking into sourdough | Sourdough Companion

Im beaking into sourdough

Hey all. I've been lurking around this forum for a while now. I have decided to enter the world of sourdough, but to do it right, and I guess that means having the right materials and equipment. So I made this proofing box on the weekend.



Thanks Bill for posting pictures of yours! I wouldn't have made it if it weren't for those.

Here is my starter. It has been going since Saturday at 25C, according to Dom's instructions. Cheers Dom!!


I haven't actually baked anything yet


Only the ciabattas from a book about some naked chef. They were horrible. 30g salt in a 500g loaf! cmon!

So that failure, along with the want for good bread at less than $10 a kilo, spurred me on to sourdough. I?m also studying biochemistry, so the concepts seem common sense.

Just can't wait to make some sourdough, bread, muffins, pizza.... mmmm

Thanks Everyone

edit: That image hosting site isn't that good. anyone got any suggestions?

repeatedly, water covered soap, covered oil, covered dough covered hands


thanks maedi

Bake Me !

Thanks for bringing up this problem. This time I was aware of this issue, but in future, if you do notice anything wrong with the site then please tell me, as chances are that I would not be aware of it.

Those if you on Internet Explorer (IE) will notice this problem. The main table around the forum is at a width of 100% and the padding around the table has a total width of 30px. IE add's the 30px on top of the 100% width. Most other browsers subtract the 30px from the 100% width. Therefore on IE, an excess width of 30px is created outside the viewable area.

Hope you understand that

Silly wink


In conlusion, fixing this problem is a main priority. I personally don't use IE and would highly recommend another browser such as [url=http://www.getfirefox.com]Firefox[/url] or, for the mac [url=http://www.caminobrowser.org]Camino[/url], but rest easy as this problem will be remideed.

post scriptum
Nice proofing box lightningbolt

I have no problems at all. Looks exactly the same for me as before the changes. No need to scroll.

just gave it quick test and even at 2048x1536 formating is not right also tested 1024x768
it is the top navigation bars that does it

Bake Me !

i had a quick look under and it looks like it is the logout [username] andor login/register placing that does it

Bake Me !

It seems to be only on some pages that there is a problem. I'm using1024 x 768 and most pages are OK, just some are wider.

i visit many forums every day and most of them are phpbb and this is the only one that is messed up this way and it just happen after recent changes.
i run at 1600x1200 and normal font size/style browser IE6

it is something to do with top navigation bar that doesn't match the forum format

Bake Me !

btw since the forum got the new bar on top it doesnt match to screen resolution right there is always scrollbar on the bottom and have to move it to see end of text in posts would be nice to have this fixed as it makes me crazy

That will depend on your screen resolution and your chosen font size most likely. I don't see the problem here, but possibly my fonts are smaller than yours, or my screen resolution higher, or my browser handles something differently, or ...

Try reducing the font size and see what happens. Of course, the results may not be readable.


The forum looks basically well behaved: when I change font size, all the fonts other than the "Sourdough.com.au" in the top left change.


btw since the forum got the new bar on top it doesnt match to screen resolution right there is always scrollbar on the bottom and have to move it to see end of text in posts would be nice to have this fixed as it makes me crazy

Bake Me !

we still need few more [img]http://www.skankyflat.net/forums/images/smilies/wallbash.gif[/img]

like this






Bake Me !

Awww cute!

Soppy / in love

Jeremy, Have'nt you heard of the new fad. Everyones walking the streets with JukeBoxs strapped to their waists here in OZ.



I'd have to look around for anything that notifies you of new blog posts, but you can be notified of new comments, as Teresa said.

You already can have replies notification. Just go to your profile and check yes to :
Always notify me of replies:
Sends an e-mail when someone replies to a topic you have posted in. This can be changed whenever you post.

Ta Da!

DittoTP, maybe some jumping bilis!


Juke box, you know what those are Maedi? I thught you were and ITunes generation!

And.........Maedi waves his magic wand.

Love our new pals! Now the forum will even be merrier. Tks!

Presumed innocent

Silly wink

Pink whoohoo

Mr. Green


Frog face

Puppy face


I think Jeremy means, to have some sort of notification when a new blog entry has been made in any of the sourdough.com.au blogs. At the moment, I am still able to keep track by looking at the numbers in the line-up. Maybe add a note which says, "Latest entry on xx.xx.xxxx"? I dunno...what do you have in mind, Jeremy?

Okay, I've invited some more friends over

Cloppy the cow


. Click the "View more Emoticons" link in the reply area to meet them.

Jeremy. My avatar is open to interpretation. I like to think of it as a JukeBox, but your perspective is fine.

You want to be notified of new comments on your Blog, Jeremy?

Ta, welcome, Maedi thanks for the comment on the blog, but I think we need a way to know when there is a new post? by the way what is that avatar now/?A chapel?


I was just thinking that yesterday!

You're all so right! I'll add some more smilies when I can.

we need more smillies

Twisted Evil

Bake Me !


Bake Me !

edit: That image hosting site isn't that good. anyone got any suggestions?

Post in the forum's gallery. Clicky on Gallery, 2nd from the left at the banner right on top. Park your pix there and link.

Looking forward to your bakes!

Nice box David, you will feel the benefit of it.
As for salt work on 1 level Tsp per 500g of dough.