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flour proteins 11.5% vs 12.4% | Sourdough Companion

flour proteins 11.5% vs 12.4%

is it worth paying bit extra for organic laucke (from memory it was 12.4% or 12.7%)

it still works out cheaper in 25KG than 11.9 in coles but 11.5% laucke in 25KG (they don't have the 11.9% version in big bags at my shop) is almost half the price

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it was 12.4 or 12.7 vs 11.5
but i figure from rest of your post that it might be worth getting than because even if it was only 12.4 it is almost 1% jump from 11.5

thanks for the info chembake
i guess i get 1 bag and see it for myself

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is it worth paying bit extra for organic laucke (from memory it was 12.4% or 12.7%)

Nope ...its not a big difference...unless you are going to do exacting breadmaking where everything you put inside and what comes out is measured including the bread volume.

You might notice a very slight difference in hydration but that depends if the slightly lower protein flour is already matured in storage and the slightly higher protein flour is just freshly milled....

But there is a signficant difference between 11 and 12 percent protein flours in terms of dough making performance. but between 0.4 and 0.7 you can't barely feel it.

i'm going shopping tomorrow so i hope someone can share their knowladge/opnion about this with me by then


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