funny things that happen when you play with high hydration

photo is coming as soon i pull this thing out of the owen

hydration ~80% does strange things to your bread


Bake Me !


Looks like a snail or The rolling stones emblem(tongue)



every time i look at this pic i can't stop laughing
so much fun from bit of water and flour

Bake Me !


Some of the guys on the project have wild ideas about what the public would go for. They were suggesting little dinosaurs and I was gently explaining that it would never work because of what happens to dough when it hits the heat.

Now I see I was WRONG.


BTW, your turtle makes a cute avatar.


turtle head wasn't very nice but rest of my turtle was really nice, the turtle's shell was really yum


Bake Me !

Love the turtle!

Hate the donuts ... and they use this disgusting stuff for fundraising at our local primary school!!!!!!! Should be illegal.

I reckon that's a tasty turtle, too, croc!


my mum used to make some mad doughnuts, this crap doesn't even come close

Bake Me !

speaking of that doughnuts, oh boy, what a CRAP
most over rated place on earth
i heard all this good things about it and there is alway 100s of cars waiting even last night at 1am i had to wait for over 30min to get my pack and it SUCKED
worst doughnuts i eat in my whole life

Bake Me !

Hey, you've discovered Pet Breads or izzit Bread Pets? Now, make a rabbit.


What turtle, all I see is doughnuts


here you go
my first ever baked TURTLE


(i hope nobody calls RSPCA)

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