Pumpkin spinach

Here is my pumpkin spinach bread.
The tops went over because I put too much dough in the tins.

My pumpkin spinach loaves nice and moist


Hi Carol it's a basic white bread dough I used and added 300grams of butternut pumpkin and spinach.
I roasted the pumpkin the day before and defrosted the spinach the nite before. I also added some cornmeal.
I made it really moist like a cake batter, I tried to take a picture while kneading but kept getting dough all over the camera...! I'm going to make it again this weekend and use 3 tins.
I ate 1 loaf by myself.
email me and I will give you more details

Yum! I hope you'll post your recipe. Iron and Beta carotene, good stuff!

Thanks TP I mucked up the posting images but worked it out.


Bugger the photos .... POST THE RECIPE!

That looks great, Normbake!

With heavier breads like this ... or wholegrains etc ... do you lower the oven temperature a bit so you can cook a bit longer ?