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Dom's Tutorial | Sourdough Companion

Dom's Tutorial

I have been making leaven, following your instructions, and today I made my first loaf of Mill Bread. It is a great success, we can't stop eating it! Great with Norwegian ridder cheese and also with homemade apple jelly.
But I don't know how the gold seekers in California found time to pan for gold!
Thank you Dom for such a clear explanation re leaven.

Valmai Barbala


welcome David.

your starter sounds promising!

I am working on the last of the series - on slashing and baking, but it may take me a week or more to find time to finish it.

let us know how you go


I've also started a starter according to your instructions Dom. I'm keeping it at 25C, so its already a day ahead. It smells fruity and tastes a lot more sour than I thought it would


Can't wait to try out your other tutorials.


repeatedly, water covered soap, covered oil, covered dough covered hands

you are welcome

glad to hear that it has worked well for you