making a clay oven

Does anybody have any experience of making an oven out of potter's clay? I have a bag of it and want to try making one (a small dome with a loaf-sized opening? - a bit like a bird's nesting box? Your guess is as good as mine! I want to try cooking my sourdough loaf by woodfiring for maximum flavour! Many thanks, Crystal


Crystal, that aint my oven



But i am going to try and replicate it

forno - fantastic thing! Was the bread good? best - Crystal

Here you go Crystal, I am going to try and replicate the oven in the following link. The base will be different, but I rekon the actual oven and the insulation is a good setup ... snw?Page=2

Thank you so much Gary, Matthew, Mick, BB and KK - I'm going to follow up these links straightaway - and let you know my own results of course, when I achieve it -- best wishes, Crystal

I have heaps of bookmarks at work, will try and remember to post them tomorrow


I'll get around to building one myself eventually and have found [url][/url] to be full of information...

Plus GavinC's recent thread on Dan's site: [url][/url]

Kiko's book is really good.


Also the brickoven group at Yahoo has a number of members with earth ovens, including Kiko Denzer the author of what is reputedly a very good book on making earth ovens. You could search throught the posts or put a question to the group.


I don't have the experience you are looking for but this site has lots of info and links for all kinds of wood fired ovens.