Sunday bake off!

Hi all,
The forums (Dans) and this one were quiet this weekend, must be the weather!
Here is my contribution!
Bill these are for you!
English muffin heaven!
Pane de Abruzzese
This was real soft and wet, dont know why the triangle look happened, maybe the slashes?
Figeac couronne
crumb of couronne de Figeac

That's it, well not really, I got Bills tired and jet lagged starter bubbling up for a Bordelaise dough!

See ya!



Maybe you can build a brick oven! Good luck on the moving!


Wow, you sure have been busy! And gorgeous results too. That Figeac couronne looks especially yummy... mmmm.
We're getting ready to move so that's been keeping me pretty busy. We also have to sell the flat and there's still some paperwork on the new house.
I'll have to get used to a completely different oven, I'm not sure I'm really looking forward to that


where have you been?, Dan's site looks like it's asleep and well your busy with the Rugby


, how's Sue? The few people who bake this time of year above the Equator and below seem to all be here!
Oh and by the way, hat Kaplan thread you reminded me of, well it went on from describing bread to George Clooney, so my theory isn't that far off, bread bakers are a randy lot!


Just read an article about French bread and this professor who is trying to tell the French why they aren't baking it the old traditional way, very interesting stuff, sort of related to my last post on my blog! ... 00291.html


Come on Jeremy, you're not keeping up.

I drew your attention to the book here: [url][/url]

Steven Kaplan published his book four years ago so your reporter isn't exactly on the ball either. Anyone fluent in French want to borrow a book .....?


Beer. Not a cat who's fond of dairy. Milk's for me. Slurp. And, I am a truer cat than you know. *wink, wink*

So TP, when I finally meet him do I offer him a bowl of milk or would he prefer a beer?



Yes, interesting article. This guy is so passionate about how a good french baguette should be and should taste to the point of abstaining from breads other than his own. Come to think of it, I'm a little like that...I have trouble taking a lot of cakes and breads which are full of chemical additives, and even more trouble with seeing other people enjoy them!! *smack me*

About my cat, it's part of his job to travel a lot.

Good article Jeremy.

Yup! I knew it some fine home cooking! MMMM....I love pineapple! why is the cat off to sarawak?
I did some wikipedia search on Malaysia, very interesting! Reminded me of a book I read recently about Ferdinand Magellans voyage to circumnavigate the world.
Just read an article about French bread and this professor who is trying to tell the French why they aren't baking it the old traditional way, very interesting stuff, sort of related to my last post on my blog! ... 00291.html

check it out


And don't even tell me your slowing down on baking or cooking, I just got a break from the other half!


Thanks!, What else can I do, the wife is away and I baking in an inferno, we still have electric problems on my block, brutal, feel like I am in a real bakery!


Oh my, Jeremy! If Mick thought you were a man of letters, he was right! I'll be sporting a grin the whole day.

My cat is going to be away this week (to Sarawak! what a coincidence! lol!), but I definitely won't be baking up such a storm like you. Probably making some lotus paste baos and nyonya pineapple tarts, and a loaf or 2 of Oats and Apple Bread.

Oh lady of Sarawak!
Your a baker with spice and your pictures are nice, though I may say you are probably busy today, do us a favor and bake us another cake with some sweet and delicious flavour!


Jeremy you are turning into a baking maniac like me, while I am baking I am thinking of whats next!
Everything looks great, nice open crumb on the couronne de Figeac (I had to copy and paste that name).
Always so nice to see what you come up with!

Hi Bill,
when the cats away the mice will play! I haven't tried them yet, tomorrow for
for breakfast! I'll do a post crumb pic if I get a chance!

Cheers Mate!

You're such a good wolfie!

I thought the triangle one was proved in a basket of that shape, lol. All of 'em look scrumptious, especially the couronne.

Waiting to see the bread from Bill's starter.

Well Jeremy, you've certainly made a hog of yourself while the boss is away.
Great looking stuff as usual. How do you like the english muffins? I've run out and was going to do some this week but have just found out we have some relatives coming to stay for a few days.