Oz starter re-invigorated!

Hi all,
all alone, the Missus is off on a short business/pleasure trip to the home country and I am home alone, baking!
Pizza dinner, anchovies, olives and capiscum!
Flour I used to revive the Oz starter!
Followed Bills directions
Ended up doing equal parts flour and water with the starter, first feed!
Tommorow I have a couple loaves I wil try out! Stay tuned and ththhthhth-that's all folks!



Tp, I was more in the mood for some Nonya food, but that'll do! As for the starter, uh-0h, it's hungry and maybe missing home, not a bubble yet?Maybe Bill, it just doesn't like the air conditioning, but it is so hot and polluted here this week, going to stay indoors today, feel a bug coming on!(pobably the anchovies or something?) Still I'll throw in a loaf or to and cajole that starter back to life!


P.S. Hope I didn't suffucate the poor guy?

Jeremy, can I swap my lemon chicken with pineapple fried rice for some of that titillating pizza?

Go Aussie starter, Go!

DANG that's one good looking pizza! Now I'm hungry and it's only 10.30 am...


That's a FINE looking pizza, Jeremy!

Love the flour logo of the kiddy playing with a sharp knife and about to take all the fingers of his left hand off!

I love anchovies. Lots of them. On pizza. Fantastic little salty bombs!

Yummy scrummy!!!!!!!

You brute! Throwing it in at the deep end right from the start.


Give it a chance to gain some strength and get over the jet lag mate.