One of my better bakes

Hi All

Tried some baking this week and this are my results. Some muffins with coffee would be swell for breakfast

[img] ... sourdough/


Very Happy



The muffins were made with regular organic white flour. Put in some raisins soaked in water for a while. There raisins are bursting with flavour when you bite into it. Baked for 25mins at 200c.

Thanks again for the help


no, no, no, no.....You come back here!

You're supposed to post each picture and expand a little on it. We'd like to know what you made, how you made it, etc.

Thanks for the help. It looks good

Very Happy

No need to park your pix anywhere else. It's fine where it is. Just click on the picture you want. Right click to get Properties. Then copy the url under Location to your post. Ta da!


Francis, why don't you show the breads picture by picture, and describe them a little? Glad to see you're busy baking.


I tried to paste the picture but I cant. Looks like I got to host the picture somewhere and link it. You know of a way to paste the pictures instead of linking them?