Well the new bannetons work, produced 3 x 750g carroway rye. Too hot to cut yet, will post crumb photo tomorrow.



HI you competetive types!
I used Jeffrey Hamelmans recipe with a starter of rye that was inoculated with white starter 100% h20 and flour? I couldn't figure out the holiness either, but the tast, fab!


Extraordinary Rye Bill, the rise is really nice for a rye too!

Hmm...after seeing Jeremy's unusual open/uneven crumb, Bill's small to medium crumb and my recent close crumb rye (I used 1/3 rye:1/3 strong wholemeal:1/3 strong plain white), it's time for a rye bake-off....just to see what controls this animal.

Well here's a pic of the crumb. Small to medium holes but plenty of them.

Jeremy I know how he feels, I grew up on the dense Latvian and Polish rye loaves.


The Recipe for the rye loaf has been posted in the Recipes section.

Nice Bill. I'm jealous and wondering if yours is holey or a fine crumb!
My Uncle who is in his 90's said my Rye with caraway was strange with all the holes!


Oooo...identical triplets! Which one was adopted (from Graham)? I reckon you won't be able to tell the difference. Great job, Bill.