Employment and Training for Artisan Bakers. BakerTrade.

BakerTrade is operated by the Artisan Baker Association

Have you ever wanted to work as a professional artisan baker...and gain experience within several highly respected bakeries?

BakerTrade is for skilled bakers as well as those learning the craft of professional baking.

Please read the following information, or contact:


Why BakerTrade?

ABA has spoken with bakeries and bakers. Bakeries are concerned
about not having access to enough bakers relevant to their industry,
and bakers would like to be able to grow their artisan skills, and get
more experience working with other bakers.

ABA’s solution is to say to bakeries....give bakers the option of
working shorter contracts and moving between accredited bakeries.
Bakers are more motivated with the knowledge that they can move from
one learning experience to another when their contract expires. The
vacant position is filled by an incoming BakerTrade baker.

Bakers, including bakers in training, are actively encouraged to move between bakeries every 6 – 18 months.

For bakers, the opportunity to work around at different bakeries is
an exciting prospect. Imagine a couple of bakers chatting to each
other, both with several years of BakerTrade experience.

Baker 1 (watching another baker shape dough). “Hey I know how to do that too. Did you learn that at Francois Pete’s bakery?”

Baker 2 “Yeah. I was there a few years ago. Francois had amazing hand skills and I picked up what I could.”

Baker 1 (sounding excited). “Yes! I was there last year through BakerTrade. I know exactly what you mean. Did you ever work at Simone’s Patisserie and learn how to do…etc…etc…”

Which bakeries can bakers work at?

All ABA member bakeries and selected international bakeries are able to subscribe to BakerTrade.

If you are a baker and like the look of one of the bakeries you see on this website, please contact

jobs@bakertrade.com to see if they have an opportunity for you. New bakeries are also welcome to apply via the same email address.

What qualifications does a baker need to enter BakerTrade?

Both trade (technical college) and craft bakers are welcome to apply. BakerTrade does not discriminate based on where you learnt to be a good baker.

- Craft apprentices are welcome to apply. A Craft apprentice is a
person who is learning to be a professional baker, but is not attending
a trade college.

- Trade apprentices are welcome to apply, as long as the bakery you wish to work at has a supervising trade baker.

Trade Baker? Craft Baker?

- BakerTrade is an excellent way to gain further artisan baking experience after technical college.

- BakerTrade is an excellent way for bakers who do not attend technical college, to learn the craft of baking.

I am a baker or bakery outside Australia. Can I apply?


BakerTrade has VISA ready positions available right now.

International bakeries are welcome to apply for BakerTrade.

What if I am a complete novice who has never worked in a commercial bakery?

Please apply.

To work as a baker, you need to be fit and genuinely interested in making high quality bread and/or cakes and pastries.

ABA specializes in bakers and bakeries who are dedicated to artisan
practice. An artisan baker is basically someone who loves their craft,
takes an active interest in the people they are baking for, and has the
skills to achieve high quality outcomes. An artisan actively seeks new
knowledge to further their skills.

Conditions for bakers are rapidly becoming some of the best in the
food industry: Eight hour shifts, daylight hours, and pay above award
rates for experienced staff.

Is BakerTrade an original ABA concept?

Yes. This is where it all started.

Contact: jobs@bakertrade.com


Of course you can come Jeremy! This forum has become an accidental CV for many good bakers. I am certain that we will see you sometime in the next few years, for a visit or work or both. Graham


I emailed the above address a few days ago for more information, and I havent heard anything yet. I was just wondering what the average response time is, and if I should send another.

super interested,


Hi Aaron,

We have been answering enquiries sent to


, however do not have a record of your query. It is possible that your email was sent just before we had set up mail forwarding to this email address, which only occurred a few days ago. Please try again, and sorry for the inconvenience. Graham

Hi again Aaron. I just found your email...it went straight to "Junk" mail without my knowledge. Very sorry, will get back to you immediately. Graham

this is a fantastic sounding program!

Can I go Graham?


Thank you for your approval Aaron! Graham

is there still any vacancy at the moment?
because i've sent my cv quite a while a go to the address and never get any reply. 
BTW, i am an artisan baker with  international experience who'd like to try to get a job in australia.

Hi Fatsochef,

You should have received an automated reply from BakerTrade, and I shall follow up on this. We receive a lot of enquiries from bakers outside Australia and have arranged placements for some of these bakers.

A major requirement for bakers coming to Australia is that they are prepared to pay their own way to get here and attend an interview/trial session. The artisan bakeries that BakerTrade work with need to to see new bakers in action..on the job...before they will sign you to a contract.

Successful bakers are usually able to negotiate a period of employment that suits their visa requirements. This could be a shorter working holiday or a longer stay which can help qualify bakers for Australian residency if required.

Please let me know if you are able to get to Australia with a working visa. BakerTrade can trial you immediately with ABA member bakeries.

Graham (for BakerTrade)
Hello Graham,divThanks for the response.divdivI haven't received any reply yet from BakerTrade on my email until now. And I  am afraid i can't provide myself with any Australian working visa. But I wouldn't mind to go to Australia for interview/trial session, only I won't be available until end of this year. I am planning to go from bermuda for good by the end of this year. Please let me know more about what should i do if i have to go there, so that maybe i can make a plan from now on. Do i have to send you my resume again? If i do so just let me know.divMy email is: radityawan@yahoo.comdivdivCheers,divDidiet
Hi Graham,
I wrote 2 email enquiries to bakertrade@artisanbaker.com.au which failed to be delivered as it was " rejected by the recipient domain". I have no idea what that means but is there another way of contacting bakertrade or is this just a temporary difficulty?



Hi Kim, this was just a temporary problem while we updated to our new server. bakertrade@artisanbaker.com.au has now been re-activated. Please send your email again, or just send me a PM from this forum if you wish. Graham