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Astounding | Sourdough Companion


I'm having a quiet afternoon so I decided to go through the members list and check out a few of their websites.
I had a look at the website belonging to TechPoh, see if you were as astounded as I was.



Such varied talent! Such beautiful food! I can't wait until you have a sourdough page like you mentioned! I would like to make a baguette that looks like yours! Now I will have to try!
Good for you!!!

Thanks, guys! Y'all are too funny!

Jeremy, I'd take up your offer in a blink if my apron strings were not so tightly hung on.

Hiya Jeremy,

She might hire you - if you were lucky.


You've got some real skill TeckPoh, I also like your sites look.

Ditto on all the above, you go girl! I could hire you in my kitchen!