Anyone know why I cannot upload a new Avatar?

I deleted my old one and I cannot upload a new one, the specifications are within parameters, 32 kb  200 X 162. I have tried about 20 times(or it seems so) and the old Avatar keeps popping back no matter how many times I delete it. The new one will not upload no matter what. Maedi?? Thanks,Teresa


hmm, I'm not sure exactly why it's happening. Can you send me your new avatar via email? (maedi at and I'll put it up for you.


Thanks Maedi, I sent you a pm with the link as I don't see anyway to attach it to an email to you. Teresa

It's up! Cookies could be the problem on your end.

You are right it was cookies! I still saw the old Avatar until I hit refresh, jeesh! Thanks zillions. Thanks also for the new look to the site, you guys still rock! Teresa