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Bread from Australia | Sourdough Companion

Bread from Australia

Bill sent me some of his starter and his own recipe. I am having so much fun trying out his starter! Here is my first result:(By the way, the cut loaf didn't have the rise it could have as I overproofed it.)





I think we are having too much fun and the rest of you are missing out!
My family was surprised by the subtle old world complex flavor of Bill's starter, some liked it better, some liked my more tangy starter better. Overall it has been great fun experimenting! It was so nice to find out how different the flavors are. Bill is letting me offer his starter on my site as "Australian Starter". I am also going to put up free recipes from Australians if anyone wants to offer their favorites, you will recieve credit with your full name or just initials and where you are located.Please post any you are proud of.