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Hi all
Where's the best place to buy spelt flour in reasonable quantity at a reasonable price in Melbourne please (suburb Heidelberg) but can travel?

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foggyforge 2008 April 19
Hi.Jon.The other day i visited Marg & Maree's-54 Bell st,Heidelberg Heights -ph.94551611.(Near Arnold's cake shop-european style cakes)They had wholemeal and white spelt(did not know it came in white and wholemeal) .They have lots of other flours as well.That day i brought wholemeal rye& wholemeal spelt..as to price -check it out.They even have a webpage > http://www.margandmarees.com.au/

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celia 2008 April 19

Jon, give Graham a call (see the shop link here).  He's got some gorgeous organic white spelt at the moment, though I guess it depends on what you call a "reasonable quantity" ?

Alternatively, Santos Trading in Byron Bay NSW delivers - just had an order from them last week.  Ordered Sunday night, here in Sydney by Fastway Couriers by Tuesday morning.  http://www.santostrading.com.au/bulkfood/flour_meal.html

Cheers, Celia
jonb 2008 May 11
Thanks very much Foggyforge and Celia

I'll follow them up soon - things have been a bit busy lately with family illness.


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