Site Progress

Hi all,

Maedi and his friend Nehal have done a great job getting the site back up. There are still more issues to sort out, but the basic functions of the site are now accessible.

Logins: There is now one central login for the entire site (gallery, forum, blog). If you were a user of the old site, your login details are unchanged. Please note that if you had a GALLERY, your Gallery login is the login to use, not the forum login!

Maedi has been dragged away from the computer for several days and is on a 1600km road trip to visit relatives in Wingham, NSW. He will be back next week to make the forum more workable, update bakery, blog and home pages, as well as anything else that comes to our attention.

Please contact me with any concerns or issues so that we can sort it out:

Thank you,
Graham Prichard 


Bloody kids a genius!




He sure is Jeremy. Last night he stayed up all night to work on it. Jeremy I hope all is well. I came across one of your older blogs while helping Maedi. With your permission Jeremy, I would like to quote you in an article I am writing.

Only if you promise to post some of your own bread! No of course it would be my honor? Depends what your quoting me about? The last interview I did would really interest you, Dieter Schorner is a fabulous man, one of a kind and just awesome example of a teacher from a different era!
Like the wild hair Maedi! I really have to get down to see you both one of these days, but now that were going into recession I think I will stay put with the dying dollar! (Reminds me of a famous line from the Bogart movie, Treasure of the Sierra Madre, "Can you help a fellow American down on his luck?"

Quote away Shakepheare!

I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when I saw Maedi last night! Glad to see the folks here again....

Looking good, Maedi (the forum and you, lol) and Nehal.

Hi TeckPoh and Jeremy. Love to see that people are going to have fun with this 'first words as subject' feature. I suppose there is an option to turn it off when we are sick of it. Jeremy I am actually hoping to surprise you as there is a good chance that I will be doing some baking soon and posting for your pleasure. I am so glad that you have not given up on me.

I decided not to quote you in my immediate article because no matter how I inserted "microrganic-sexuality!" I just could not find the right context to get away with it in the mainstream baking press. Also I considered that this is not an appropriate way to introduce Jeremy to the mainstream bakers of Australia.

Yesterday I downloaded one of the interviews but have not heard it yet. I am looking forward to it ...urgently require some stimulus to provide a fresh outlook.

Thank You! Graham

Micro-organic sexuality, catch phrase of 08, could give an up tick for  nudist bakers?  Blimey!
Quite all right, then maybe our first interview was  a bit full of nutty  material?  So we must do another, and post it , it would help the relaunch, re-introduce  Graham and Maedi as well  get a leg up on those buggers trying to take the ABA label as their own! I'm sure there is plenty of news to talk about in baking, drought, crop failures, global warming, etc...?


Hey Jeremy, drive to Africa look for a nudist beach and bake (yours) in the sun..

Hey Admin people, where are the videos from good old gone???
SOme members of a german sourdough forum are missing them very heavily!

Mein got Markus! What an awful idea! You must not be riding your bike enough!


Aside from the gliches etc, I think the new effort is extraordinary and very visually appealing.  Graham, I think that what you are doing down under with the (real!!) ABA is amazing, courageous and provocative.  Good work and good luck.  Nice work Maedi as well.



Thanks a bunch Tony, your encouragement means a great deal. I hope we see a pickup of activity in the coming days as the site certainly was buzzing before the switch. I hope that can be recovered.


Thought of changing my profile pix (this one takes up too much space and I've a camera for a face) but couldn't find the machinery page. Is there one?


You can change your pic on your user page. Click on your username anywhere on this page then on your user page click 'Edit'. I can put this edit link at the top of the site? TP, your link is right here (look for 'Picture'). Is that what you meant by machinery? I do like your picture by the way.

Thanks and thanks, Maedi. I was concerned my camera-face pix took up a lot of height. Besides, this one is much cuter.


Oh, wow, that picture is crazy. It really stunned me when I first saw it, but you're right it is kinda cute (nice colours too).

Hubby took that pix of mr.handsome (a kune kune pig if you haven't figured it out...carla's specialty) during his NZ trip last year.

[quote=TeckPoh]Hubby took that pix of mr.handsome (a kune kune pig if you haven't figured it out...carla's specialty) during his NZ trip last year.
poor bloke needs a dentist!

[quote=bianchifan]...where are the videos from good old ..[/quote] I'm still missing them :(
They're going to be back very soon. Soon there will be video area with categories, we're just in the midst of converting old videos, and putting them up.
Gotta say it's looking better every day.  Keep up the good work; it's a real pleasure to see the site evolve.

Thanks Tony. And I'm glad you're enjoying the journey. I too love seeing it get better and better. Please let me know if you every have any ideas/possible ways to improve the site.

[quote='Bianchifan']where are the videos from good old[/quote]

Hey Bianchifan. I've just re-read this and I'm now going to re-upload all those old videos that didn't make it in the site upgrade all that time ago. I'll keep you posted.

I seem to be having trouble with double posts, stuttering perhaps? They are in a thread called "First Sourdough & Big Flop".