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 Our house has, in the last 15 minutes, read your sourdough words of wisdom, cleaned down a suitable jar, pulled the rye and wheat flour down from the shelf and started on our sourdough adventure! It is mid summer in Manchester, but it may take quite some time....

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panfresca 2011 August 8

...you'll never look back!

Getting through this first barrier can be a test - perhaps a first flush of activity followed by apparent dormancy and/or strange smells. 99% of the time though, it all comes together after 7-10 days and you're off!

Lilith 2011 August 8

Good luck, and indeed - once you've tried it, it's ... downright unappetizing to think of a store-bought loaf.

Ruralidle 2011 August 10



Isn't the difference between Manchester in mid-summer and Manchester in mid-winter just that the rain is warmer in mid-summer?


Good luck with your sourdough, we look forward to hearing how things go.



(about 40 miles south of Manchester)

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