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to stir or not to stir that is the question | Sourdough Companion

to stir or not to stir that is the question

Hi my name is Lisette, I live in the Netherlands and I just joined this group.


Started my first sour dough starter because one of our daughters is on a diet which excludes normal yeasts.


The starter is bubbling a bit on the surface but not much below. I refresh it every morning with 70 grams of white flour an 30 grams of rye and 100 grams of water.


Should I stir the starter in the evening as well or leave it alone?



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Hi Lisette,
I am new to sourdough as well. Started baking in February this year. I don't think you need to stir your starter at night. Once it becomes more active you may want to feed every 12 hours. I refresh mine every 12 hours when I am getting ready to bake. I only ever stir when I am about to feed, because it is easier to add the water first, then stir before mixing in the flour.