Sourdough Rye

Sourdough RyeSourdough RyeSourdough Rye

Today i wanted to practice rye breads containing alot of grains. this is what i came up with :)


...would you consider posting this under the Rye Bake-off too? I really love your mould...did you make it yourself? What grains did you put in?

 Rye Bake-off.. what do you mean? I use cracked rye kernels and spelt kernels.

The mould is from a flour company called 'Aurion' in Denmark.

The sourdough rye bake-off is here. It offers us a good platform to showcase and discuss rye breads which we don't bake often (though I can't think why).


On the rye and spelt kernels, did you do a hot soaker?


Thanks for your reply.


no i just did a cold soak overnight. and added a little salt to the water.

So do you bake it in the mold?  Even though it is not all rye it is a rye type bread - looks wonderful!



You really are what you eat, so eat wisely...


Yes you bake it in the mold. 

Flour is a 100% wholegrain rye. I just had a little spelt kernels left so i soaked them with my rye kernels. So it is a rye bread.

In Denmark we eat rye bread more than any other bread. for lunchpack as kids we would get openfaced sandwiches with rye instead of toastbread or white crustless bread compared to inthe US.

 I can taste that now with some thinly sliced Gjetost and cloudberry jam. For breakfast.