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Sourdough Proofing times


I will soon be trying my third sourdough loaf.  I am learning something new each time.

I have been following this recipe - http://www.channel4.com/4food/recipes/tv-show-recipes/the-fabulous-baker-brothers-recipes/sourdough-bread-recipe

My question is about the proofing times.  This recipe seems to be the oppisite to most others that I have raed where it starts with a longer rise and then a shorter proof.

The timing is difficult on this scale, so knowing when to start etc is hard.

Will tempretures help or badly effect rising and proofing - if I was to put it in an airing cupboard to make things faster would this be bad?

How about overnight proofing, or leaving in the fridge - both these might help but I need to understand more.

I understnad that every room/kitchen is different so I could just go with when it looks right... but I want to be sure that the length has been long enough to develop properly.

Sorry for all the questions but thanks for any help.


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Colder proving will take longer and give more sour flavour.


Warmer proving will go faster and less sour flavour.


At 30 degrees C the Bread will taste similar to bread made with commercial yeast.


Find something that fits in with the rest of your life.


In winter in Adelaide about 10-15 C minimum I find making the dough last thing in the evening and baking early in the morning works for me.