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What has gone wrong with my sourdough bread?

Hi, I’m new here. I’ve been trying to make sourdough bread and have tried at least 4 times, but all my attempts failed miserably...

New member, old baker

I'm a home baker, just found this site. I've been making bread since reading a book called Great Bread in about 1970 (I still...

How do I double my SD starter so I can bake more breads

I have a starter that I add 100g of wheat flour and 125 g of warm water to after taking out half each day. I want to increase it...



100% Whole wheat starter 80% hydration white sourdough loaf cooked on the hearth in my pizza oven

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Proving or starter?

Hi all, I'm new here, but I've been scouring forums for an answer to my question and haven't found one so thought I'd ask...


can I recue overproof dough?

I started my firat loaf yesterday early afternoon. I was following the direction for a loaf from "wild feremntation". It seemed...


Trouble Rolling a Loaf

I am having trouble rolling a loaf. I use a loaf pan, and a banneton. I have watched 4-5 videos online, and I can not seem to...


Pizza doughs other uses...

I wanted some rolls so I took the dough in a different direction. It was my first bake on a stone and it worked great! That dense...

Very Dark Loaf

Just cooked my 3rd loaf of sourdough bread this morning. It came out very dark. Almost burned. 30 minutes at 500 and 15 minutes...


2 years old and going strong

My starter just had its 2nd birthday so I made these little beauties to celebrate @ 80% hydration

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