Sourdough Baking

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Help for a first timer

hi all I am hoping you are a friendly bunch. First timer here with a lot of questions.... I made a starter and it seems nice and...

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Sourdough bread, brown spots

Hi, my sourdough french bread has good flavor but there are some brown "spots" in dough. Could it be that I did not stir starter...

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Can i use milk instead of water for my sourdough bread?

Hi, I am new to the forum of I have been trying and baking bread for a while as well as trying to perfect my...



Must say I just love this site. Been baking regularly with sourdough for about 8 months now and use this site often to try out...


Wet dough

I'm not real new to sourdough, i make nice bread a couple times a week, but there are some problems i havn't been able to solve...

Rubbery texture

MARI HAS ASKED: I am working with sour dough. It is good and active. I am using the recipe from the book...Tartine. bread rises,...

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Explore our recent banneton additions!

Explore our recent banneton additions! Check them out...


I want to bake multiple loaves at a time. I love the crust I get with a dutch oven, but they are expensive and round, so they don...

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Picture of Albino Crust

Sorry, I didn't see the photo link in the original post.

Albino Crust

I just made four loaves of sourdough white bread. It rose like crazy in the bulk rise and pretty well in the bannetons. I...