Sourdough Baking

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Kamut pumpkin sourdough bread with water kefir

Kamut pumpkin sourdough with water kefir & grains

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Fresh fruit in bread

Hello, Has anyone tried baking sourdough bread using fresh fruit puree as part of the liquid to sweeten the loaf? Strawberries,...

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Rising - Richard Bertinet's recipe

Hi! I am trying out Richard Bertinet's basic bread recipe and I've been having some trouble. Let's just start by saying I am in...

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Accidental sourdough

Mary says... I think I accidentally started sourdough. I started an "Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day" batch and forgot to put...

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Ready for winter?

The perfect time to make bread. Check out our bannetons and other goodies here: Mention 'banneton tree...

No obvious rise during proving.

I am very new to sourdough baking, having only made a handful of loaves.This is my most recent attempt at a white sourdough,...

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White bottom of the loaf

Hey Ho! Any idea about why the bottom of the loaf is white even after baking. I am baking on a professional oven, so there are no...


First attempt bit of close texture any comments/advice appreciated

Recipe 500 grams white bread flour 150 grams starter 100% hydration 300 grams water 8 grams salt method mix all ingredients until...

Back after a break

I had taken a break from baking but was able to keep my starter going over the past 14 months. Yesterday I got the bug back and...


Is my dough too wet?

I need to use a silicone spatula to remove my proofed dough from it's glass container to form it into a loaf. Is my dough too wet...