Sourdough Baking

Sourdough bread making!

Why does my dough look like a giant sponge

Hi, I did my starter, my sponge and my dough. My dough, however, turned out to look more like a giant sponge. Can anyone tell me...

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Onion bread

Hi to all, it has been a while since I have been on the forum but I still bake a batch almost every week. My partner asked me...


I am new to sourdough but have succesfully got my starter going, my first loaf was OK but i think i left it too long and it...


Mixing flours for sourdough?

Hi there, My well-established sourdough starter was made with spelt flour. I, however, am new to sourdough and am experimenting...

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I'm loving baking sourdough. I do have a problem. The dough doubles in size when proving but comes out flat as a pancake from the...


Splitting & oven question

Splitting & a greyish colour

Hello, I've been baking sourdough only a few months and have enjoyed some good results but seem to be going backwards now. Recent...


Can't believe how good that Dutch Oven bread turned out

My sourdough starter, freshly milled farmers market whole wheat flour, some water and a bit of salt might have been enough for a...


How vital is it that the containers for the starter and the sponge are glass? I'm on a tiny Caribbean island where everything...

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Whole wheat, fresh milled, and a bread with a learning curve

Am I getting too hard on myself or what? The tale of acquiring the freshly-milled flour and working with a problematic dough. The...

Sourdough rolls

How do I turn my sourdough bread dough into dinner rolls?

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