Sourdough Baking

<p>Sourdough bread making!</p>

First ever sourdough bake off- tips for next loaf, especially convection oven temperatures for different types of loaves

My first sourdough loaves

I am quite happy with my first ever loaves of sourdough. The white loaf I made I'm particularly happy with- it tasted as good if...

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Observations & working with whole wheat thanks to new grain mill

Hi all I've been making some pretty decent bread recently using.. - a basic masterstock style starter - white flour at 12%...

Starter Types

Hi everyone. In Keith Cohen's book, Artisan Bread, he says there are two type of starters; Stiff and Liquid. Both produce...


New banneton stock has arrived!

New banneton stock has arrived!


Sourdough cinnamon rolls

Do I freeze cinnamon roll made our of sourdough before I bake or afterwards? I haven't tried either yet-- don't want to waste the...

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Managing the temperature of sourdough in a warm climate

Rachel has asked: Any tricks for managing the temp of the sour dough, as QLD can get quite warm. I have a french bread making...

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Crusty situation

So I have been baking sourdough for around two years now and I can now consistantly bake a pretty decent loaf, however I am still...

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baguette tray for sourdough

To the person in New Zealand looking for stainless steel tray for sourdough baguettes, look at site. we can make...

Sourdough starter

Hi all, My name is Abhigyan Singh and I am from India. Today is my first day in bread baking and also for sourdough bread. I made...

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New to sourdough

Hi I just got 300 g of sour dough culture. Apparently I need 300g culture to mix with my kilo of flour so do I split it in half...