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Quick Rise Starter, then a Collapse!


I'm carrying on from my earlier thread, because I can't post follow up pictures there:

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After 2 years, finally ready to share!

My last sd wheat loaf

Hello all, After lurking here for ages and learning soooo much, I have finally posted about my sourdough adventures on my blog...

Decided to post pics of my loafs

After many months on this forums, I have decided to post some pics of my loaves. Being in China, I have access to a variety of...

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Weak starter - or other reason?

I've baked quite a few sourdough loaves over a period of years, but without consistent success. This week, I've begun again by...


I'm ready to BAKE - need a basic Sourdough Recipe

OK, I have FINALLY got my starter active after many weeks. I am now ready to bake....What recipe is simple and doesn't require...


My ''perfect'' loaf

The time is 11.48pm in Denmark right now, and i've finally made the loaf i've been searching for! Wonderful crispy crust and the...


Use of buckwheat

For the first time in my 4-year's of sourdough baking I used buckwheat in my recipe at the ratio of 1:6. Only because I did not...


100% Sourdough croissants

Hi, My name is Lluïsa and I'm from Barcelona. I've been baking at home for some years but only three weeks ago I did my first...


New to Sourdough Baking: Where to start?

Hello Forum Members Just typed out a long intro post and lost it. No idea how or why. Must be something about this site set up...


New to the forum, Few of my examples.

First in foremost hello to all, I am really aspiring to change the way of living in my area and open a storefront. My backround...