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Sourdough in China

We are baking sourdough bread in China using natural yeast from my mother in law village, this is some mountains fungus. I try...

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Why is my bread so flat?

I have been usung the same starter for about 6 months but the las few months the loaves have gotten flatter. I am using the 1-2-3...


Sourdough or Ciabatta?

Hi, A question from NZ. A new bakery has just opened nearby and has bread they call sourdough. It’s not as sour as I remember...


Companion Bakery in Delicious Produce Awards

Wow, just saw that the Country Batard and Cynthia's Secret Bounty are finalists in the Artisan Award Section! http://www.taste...

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Long bulk prove question

I've just mixed some dough and now have to go away for two days so I wont be able to bake it till then. I plan on putting it into...

Companion Bakery is located opposite Callington Mill

Live video from Companion Bakery

Currently streaming live video from Companion Bakery, in Oatlands, Australia. This...

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inconsistent sourdough

Been baking sourdough for over a year now, and get inconistent results with dough; sometimes it proves with a sticky surface,...


My first sourdough attempts

I have just finishe my second run at making sourdough! The first run was a success, so I just wanted to make sure it wasn't a...

i just baked a good-looking potato sourdough whole-wheat bread

i just wanted to share it with you, i think i'm getting a lote better at baking those breads, i'm just happy with it!


Overnight final prove in fridge

I am just trying to work out the best way to prove my loaves overnight in the fridge for baking at 0700 the next morning? The...