Sourdough Baking

<p>Sourdough bread making!</p>
Companion Bakery is located opposite Callington Mill

Live video from Companion Bakery

Currently streaming live video from Companion Bakery, in Oatlands, Australia. This...

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inconsistent sourdough

Been baking sourdough for over a year now, and get inconistent results with dough; sometimes it proves with a sticky surface,...


My first sourdough attempts

I have just finishe my second run at making sourdough! The first run was a success, so I just wanted to make sure it wasn't a...

i just baked a good-looking potato sourdough whole-wheat bread

i just wanted to share it with you, i think i'm getting a lote better at baking those breads, i'm just happy with it!


Overnight final prove in fridge

I am just trying to work out the best way to prove my loaves overnight in the fridge for baking at 0700 the next morning? The...


Sourdough & Digestive Health

Hello, I regularly make Spelt Sourdough bread and have been aware of the basics of how and why sourdough is a beneficial for...

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First loaf from home-cultured rye sourdough

It is too late for me, my son........Daniel Leader is my father now.......... All kidding aside, guys, what do you think? I used...

Brioche Mousseline

Breads and Brioche

Hi everyone, Really great website. Thankyou very much indeed. I've been making all sorts of breads and cakes for years. It is...

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Problems with high hydration sourdough

Hi all, I've been baking bread in a home oven for several years now (obviously not the same loaf!) and I've experimented before...

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Breaking all the rules

Hi everyone This is such a great site. I just love all the enthusiasm and advice available here. I first got involved with the...