Sourdough Baking

<p>Sourdough bread making!</p>

First loaf from home-cultured rye sourdough

It is too late for me, my son........Daniel Leader is my father now.......... All kidding aside, guys, what do you think? I used...

Brioche Mousseline

Breads and Brioche

Hi everyone, Really great website. Thankyou very much indeed. I've been making all sorts of breads and cakes for years. It is...

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Problems with high hydration sourdough

Hi all, I've been baking bread in a home oven for several years now (obviously not the same loaf!) and I've experimented before...

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Breaking all the rules

Hi everyone This is such a great site. I just love all the enthusiasm and advice available here. I first got involved with the...

After a two hour rise and baked at 425 for 18 minutes

sourdough biscuits

baked sourdough biscuits, Starter only. came out well but the rise was not what I expected. does anyone bake sourdough biscuits...


I'm puzzled

I recently made two loaves at an interval of about three weeks. Both were made using identical ingredients (mainly Wessex Mill...

Sourdough Wheat Potato

Sourdough Potato Bread

I would like to know how I create my own album. I saw at one time where a registered user can post pics and recipes to their own...


Artisan baking work experience in the UK

Hi, my boyfriend is really into sourdough baking and he's extremely good. His birthday is coming up and I was thinking about...


Small even holes in sourdough bread?

Does anyone know the trick how to prepare sourdough for small even same size holes after it is baked? I see breads like this from...

German Munich style sourdough bread

German Munich Sourdough Bread

Wonderful German Munich style rye sourdough bread my wife baked for this weekend.

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